Tuesday, February 03, 2009

My Boys

I'm so amazed at how much these two love each other. Kailer is constantly wanting to hold, kiss, or play with Colby. And Colby just loves it! As soon as Kai gets near him he grins from ear to ear and starts kicking his feet. I can't wait until they can really start playing together.

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Tamara said...

Way to go Kailer on the Robot. that is awesome! I am going to show Jake and I am sure he will want to make one too! good job bud! Jake is trying to throw a party next week and he wants to know if Kailer can come, he wants us to drive up there to get him so he can come to our party with our presents or food, just balloons and friends! Sounds fun, whatcha think!??? Colby has changed so much, he is freaking adorable!!!