Sunday, February 08, 2009

Happy Birthday Adelynne Grace!

On Saturday we went to the Marston's house to celebrate Addie and Dane's 2nd birthday. It was a Cookie Monster/Princess themed party. Stephanie went to so much work, making adorable cupcakes and fun games for the kids to play.  We all had a great time celebrating and visiting, and even Grammy got to come and join in on the festivities.

Addie was so excited about her little princess cakes. She picked out Ariel and could hardly wait. . . that is until the candles were lit. She is very leery of fire. Even after the candles were blown out and removed, she wouldn't touch her cakes (the ones that mommy stayed up until 1am making). So she and Dane decided to trade and everyone was happy.

Dane loved the Little Mermaid cake and Addie enjoyed a Cookie Monster cupcake. 3 of them to be exact!

I love these pictures that Stephanie took!
One of the games was a cookie eating contest. This one was for the Daddy's. Kailer and Evy thought it was hilarious to shove cookie after cookie into their Dads' mouths. I think Michael won by a cookie or two.
Duck, duck, Cookie Monster!


langdoness said...

I can't believe those princess cakes!! Those are AMAZING. Happy Birthday Addy!

Abbi Crutchfield said...

Those last two pictures are hilarious. And the princess cakes look heavenly! I want one.

Tamara said...

Great job Cathy on the cupcakes, impressive!!! Looks like so much fun! Addie is just precious! Such great pics of her too! Hugs to all of you!!!!