Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Love them.

Cool Patch Pumpkins
Last weekend, Michael and I took the kids to Cool Patch Pumpkins in Dixon- only about a 15 minute drive from us. It was a great day, filled with pumpkin picking, pumpkin pie eating, corn baths, hay mazes and lots of smiles!

oh look, Colby found a pumpkin
or maybe he's got his eye on something else
pay close attention to his mouth in this picture
he was so proud of himself

love the teamwork in this one

The Duck Pond
Travis AFB has a beautiful duck pond, surrounded by a running track and a great playground. The kids had so much fun feeding an entire loaf of bread to the ducks. Colby just sat there on the bank the entire time and enjoyed some of the bread himself. A highlight of the duck pond. . . .bathrooms!

Bottoms up!
This was the ugliest duck I had ever seen!
me. . . being a geek.

Random October shots
just playing around with textures. . .
a boy after his mother's heart- Cool whip.  just say no to whipped cream.