Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter!

We were able to spend the holiday weekend at my sister's house in New Jersey. We had a great time- especially the kids. They loved being able to actually play outside in a back yard, and had a blast with their cousins.

Grace and Kailer cheesin'.

Where are those eggs?

Kailer, Michael and Paige Lily

Adelynne and Lady were taking a peed while Ryan and Michael were hiding the eggs.

My Lily-bug

Lily & Carolyn

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Rain, rain, go away. . . what else to do on a rainy winter's day but build a fort in your living room. After jumping in puddles at the park for an hour, Kai and Daddy constructed this fort.

Adelynne thought it was pretty cool, too.

Grandma time.My mom came to visit last week. She decided to have a slumber party with the grandkids, so the adults were kicked out of the apartment for the evening. (Actually, she treated us to a wonderful dinner at Carmine's in the city.) We had a great time, but I think the kids had even more fun!

Mashed potatoes anyone?

Waiting for the train, heading to the Staten Island Museum.

The kids were glued to the window while we were on the ferry- heading to Staten Island.


Kai and one of his best friends, Evy, had a blast at Chucky Cheese with Grandma.
More fun in the snow. . .