Thursday, November 19, 2009

New York, New York. 
Oh how I long for thee.

I've been stalling. Stalling to put the last batch of pictures from New York up. All of these shots are from June, right before we moved. It's nearing the end of November now, and I'm just now able to bring myself to post these glimpses into our last moments in the Big Apple. I think that I was afraid that maybe it would make things here all too real. I don't think I'll ever truly be able to say goodbye to the place I called home for the last 4 years. There's just something special about that city. . . . about those people. . . .

Lady Liberty. I miss seeing her every day.

Empire State Building

my mother-in-law's favorite store

one of our favorite places to grab a quick bite- it was the first place Michael and I ever ate in New York

Some of our best friends, the Marston Family: Dane, Blake, Stephanie, Evy
Our family away from home. We've created so many wonderful memories with them, shared laughs, shed tears. We can't wait for them to move to the West Coast!

My best friend, Stephanie . . . one of the biggest reasons I miss New York so much. I'd say more, but I don't think I could hold back the tears right now. . . 

my good friend, Joy

Michael and Klyde

Ali & Addie

"H is for my Heidi," says Addie. . . . a dear friend to all of us. . . . and the only person who could make my bagel just right

. . . with Sophia

7th Avenue Street Fair

Addie & Tori

Ali & Kai

Teagan, Kai and Zachary

Bryan & Crystal Langdon

Sophia & Greg Gilbert

Gabe & Meg Robinson

Addie. . . and the pigeons

The Canning girls- Joy and "ToriAli" as Kailer and Addie affectionately called them.

The Cannings were some of the first and best friends we made in New York. The kids LOVED them, especially Tori and Ali. And Michael and I enjoyed hanging with Brad and Joy, even though those opportunities became few and far between. They were a big part of our family there in Brooklyn and we miss them dearly!

 . . . with Brad at Postmark Cafe. . . . oh, what I would do for a freshly baked everything bagel right now

Kailer and Josh

Anyone who knows my kids, knows that they are busy and a little on the rough n' tough side. Most kids aren't sure how to respond to a two-year-old little girl who puts you in a choke hold just to say hello. So, it was a real treat for them to find Josh and Amelia, who turned out to be great wrestling partners. I'm bummed we didn't get a picture with their parents, Rich and Sara, and little Eddie. It was great getting to know the whole family, it was just too bad we had to leave so soon after meeting them! They were also the ones who were so gracious to let Michael stay in their extra room while he finished up at NYU!

Addie with her little girlfriends, Annabelle & Anna

our sweet little neighbor, Camillo

Kailer's Raindrops Graduation
Kailer attended Raindrops Preschool for 2 years and absolutely loved it. The teachers there were amazing, and he made so many wonderful friends!

with Katya and Rafael

wtih Marni

with teachers and friends, Yvette & Carlos

with Maria

The Little Mermaid

Broadway. There's nothing like it.

our favorite dessert place in Manhattan, Junior's

The Little Mermaid was one of my favorite plays that I saw on Broadway- Kailer and I especially like the bright and colorful set and costumes!

Our Neighborhood and Home
Almost every day we passed by this comic shop. . . . and every time, Kailer stopped to look. Sometimes, it was a loooonnnnggg look, and sometimes, it was just a quick stop and then back on track. But we always had to stop. And that was okay with me.

R train, oh R train, the places you've taken me

the view from outside our apartment

Kailer and Addie LOVED to people-watch out our front windows. And they loved saying goodbye to Daddy whenever he had to leave. The most fun was watching the snow fall and gradually build up all along the street!

Goodbye. . . for now. . . until we meet again.