Friday, August 21, 2009

It is my pleasure to present to you. . . (drumroll please). . . 
Dr. Michael E. Bachman, Jr.  DDS
After four long years of a tremendous amount of hard work, Michael has completed Dental school and is now officially a Dentist! I can't even begin to explain how proud I am of him. It has been a long haul and a fantastic adventure for our family, and we are now ready to have some sort of normalcy in our lives. Michael is headed to Commissioned Officer Training in Alabama for the month of September, and then we will all move up North to Travis AFB in Vacaville, CA. We miss New York more than we ever imagined we could, but are looking forward to beginning this next chapter in our lives!

Michael being hooded

We were so blessed to have some of our family there to celebrate his graduation in May. Michael's parents, my parents, his brother and sister, and his grandma were all able to make the trip out. The commencement ceremony was held in Madison Square Garden.

Michael with two of his instructors

After the ceremony, we had dinner at Carmine's, one of our favorite restaurants in the City.

Memorial Day picnic at the park

Michael and Grandma Betty

After the park, we headed back to our place for dessert and a toast to Michael.
Week I, Grampy & Grammy & Aunt Lizzy
Coney Island

Michael and his sister, Liz, rode the Cyclone. It's one of the most famous roller coasters and over 80 years old!

While we were there, we ran into one of Kailer's girlfriends from school, Amelia.

Adelynne was too tired to even finish her ice cream cone.

Sprinkler fun at J.J.Byrne

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge

Kailer trying to catch up with his speed-walking Grammy

My favorite bridge- The Manhattan Bridge