Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter!

We were able to spend the holiday weekend at my sister's house in New Jersey. We had a great time- especially the kids. They loved being able to actually play outside in a back yard, and had a blast with their cousins.

Grace and Kailer cheesin'.

Where are those eggs?

Kailer, Michael and Paige Lily

Adelynne and Lady were taking a peed while Ryan and Michael were hiding the eggs.

My Lily-bug

Lily & Carolyn


Anonymous said...

Beautiful family picture! I miss you guys so much...all the pictures were great...Little Lilly is adorable too! She's changed so much. My love to all. Grammy/Mom

Tamara said...

What great pics of the whole family! Looked like yall had a fun Easter holiday! Kailer is growing so much and Addie is just adorable. XOXO Tamara

Abbi said...

Lily and Addie look a lot alike in that photo! Modern-day Patty Duke show?

klydelanta said...

great blog! I just read through all your archives, your kids are too cute, and man, they are growing up quick! I hope Cali was fun!