Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, my baby boy

My baby boy turned 5 on Monday. He thinks it's funny when I call him my baby, but he always has been, and always will be my baby boy. There's something special about your first born. Yes, I know, every child is special. But I feel that there's just something a little different about the bonding experience with your first born.

Everyone always says it, but it's true, they do grow up too fast. Year number 4 was a great one for Kailer. Here are just a few of the more memorable experiences from this past year:
  1. becoming a big brother, for the second time
  2. Christmas in NYC. . . there's nothing like it
  3. learning to ride a bike. . . no help from us
  4. learning how to swim, he's quite the little diver
  5. seeing Tiger Woods golf at the US Open
  6. attending his Daddy's graduation from Dental School
  7. Touring the big sites in NYC, The Statue, Empire State, The Little Mermaid on Broadway
  8. Saying goodbye to the only home he has ever really know, Brooklyn NY   (I'm still trying to hold back the tears)
Kailer is becoming such a kind, loving, smart, strong, independent little boy. Most of his interests involve a sport or something active, or anything outdoors. He'd much rather be playing baseball, riding his bike, or digging for worms than playing with toys. And his little sister and brother are always right at his toes. He looks out for them and really loves them. I am so proud of him!

Here are a few shots from the birthday party he had with all of his cousins.

Kalyl and Dylan help blow out the candles

Mackenzy & Adelynne- double trouble
Kalyl, Dylan, Kai, Mady

Grammy show Kailer how to jump on his pogostick while the cousins all watch
Camden James

When Michael got to visit us in California in August, we gave Kailer his birthday present a month early. He was so excited when he saw that bike sitting there in the garage. He rode up and down the street telling everyone he saw that is was his birthday and he was 5 years old! 


Toby and Rebecca said...

Great pictures Cathy! You are so good at capturing the moments beautifully! Did you make that amazing cake? I can't believe your little baby boy is 5!! I still remember when Mike called Toby to tell us the good news that you were expecting!

ps. fastforward about 11 years and he might be trying to negotiate a trade of his bike for the corvette in the garage! :)

tami said...

happy fifth birthday, kailer! amazing that he is five already. he is growing into such a neat little guy.

oh, and great job on the crayon cake, cathy!

love to all of you from brooklyn. we miss you! :(


langdoness said...

Wow, he is such an awesome kid. Happy Birthday, Kai!