Thursday, March 26, 2009

Like a kid in a Candy Store
After dinner, we headed east to Dylan's Candy Bar- 3 stories of sugar, sugar and more sugar. I loved watching Kailer's eyes get wide and his mouth drop open once he realized that this was our destination. Now I truly understand the expression, Like a kid in a candy store

A sweet ending to a sweet evening. About 30 seconds after this picture was taken, Kailer crashed onto my lap.


Tamara said...

That is too sweet! How nice to get those moment in together!

Hey one day we will be able to stop playing phone tag and be able to actually catch eachother! Cant wait to talk to you! That time change is a real disadvantage for me.

langdoness said...

Cathy, it's so good you got to have some Kailer time. What a great night. You're so thoughtful about what he would like! (I'm a little jealous... that candy store is mouthwatering.)

Toby and Rebecca said...

What an awesome momma you are. Sounds like a night Kailer will never forget it! You inspire all of us mom's out here! I bet Mike was feeling a bit jealous :)

Keep up the great moments, pictures and posts!