Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Grace Elizabeth
Kailer got to have his cousin, Grace, come and stay with him this past week. Together, the two of them are double trouble! I often became a bit worried every time I heard those sneaky little giggles coming from the bedroom. I never knew what they were up to, but I did know that they were always having tons of fun. Today, while Kailer was at school, Grace, Addie and I had some fun girl time. We painted nails, curled hair, put on makeup, and dressed up with pretty jewelry. Then Grace did a little modeling while I had fun with the camera. We're sure going to miss her and the whole family when we move. Even though they're moving to the West coast, too, there will be a lot more distance between us all.

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tami said...

these are beautiful, cathy. such a cute girl, that one. i see she has on a (new?) ring... :)