Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Scariest Night of My Life

I always imagined myself staying calm in an emergency. . . . This was definitely not the case on Saturday night. At 10pm, an 85 year-old man ran his car off the road and into our van, shoving it into the Charger. It appears he had a heart attack. I immediately called 911, while Michael ran out to check on the man. The engine was still revving because his foot was stuck on the accelerator. He was not breathing, completely unresponsive. We pulled him out of the car and Michael started CPR. He began to gasp for breath and foam at the mouth. A parade of police, paramedics, and fireman were on the scene in minutes and quickly took over. 45 minutes after this all began, he was in the ambulance, breathing and off to a hospital. I spoke with his wife the following day; he was in critical, but stable condition, had not woken up yet, and had tubes coming in and out of him all over the place. We continue to pray for his recovery and thank God that we were home, that he crashed into our yard where there were people that could help him. Had he made it home, only five more houses down, his wife would not have been able to save him.


tami said...


amazing, the providence in this situation. glad you are all ok.

other pics are beautiful!!

Abbi Crutchfield said...

What a relief. I hope he is all right. Sounds like you both were calm enough to act quickly and make the right decisions! Love you guys and proud of you.