Friday, June 05, 2009

Happy Birthday Paige Lily!
On Mother's Day weekend, we headed to my sister's place in New Jersey for the last time before they headed west to Washington. We celebrated Lily's 2nd birthday, Carolyn's 30th, and Mother's Day all in one shot. We had a great time, and, of course, what's a party without a piƱata?

Their neighbor, Rick, took Kailer for quite a ride on the quad.
Kailer only has the opportunity to ride a bike when we visit my sister's house in NJ. He's ridden Gracie's bike a few times, but only with training wheels. This visit, there were no training wheels on her bike anymore, but this did not discourage Kailer one bit. He hopped right on, my sister gave him a push, and off he went. Not a single wobble or crash. Within minutes he was racing the big kids down the street. Michael had run a quick errand and missed the whole thing. I think he felt a little gipped out of the whole teaching your little boy to ride a bike experience.

If there's a mud puddle within 50 yards of Adelynne, she's sure to find it. . . . and then strip down and run through it.

Even though we're all moving to the West Coast, these two rascals will no longer be just a short drive away from each other. We miss them so much already!

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Heidi said...

Is she doing push ups in the puddle? Maybe I should add that to my work out to make it more interesting....