Sunday, December 07, 2008

Oh, Christmas Tree

Yesterday, we took a drive out to Long Island to pick out our Christmas tree. The kids had a blast running up and down the rows and rows of trees. Finally, Kailer picked out the perfect tree and we had them cut it down and load it onto our car.

Addie was not as fond of Santa as Kailer was.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing Christmas highlights with us! Kai did a agreat job of selecting a christmas tree...nice Angel on top ! and beautifully decorated! Addie looks adorable in her Christmas dress! love it! Of course Colby is precious and innocent....! Love Grammy.

Abbi Crutchfield said...

Don't tell Kailer, but that's the worst Santa I've ever seen. His beard doesn't even fit. We could have lent him some spirit gum from our costume kit.

Excellent pictures!