Friday, November 14, 2008

1 week old
Colby had quite an eventful week for his first week on the outside. He had to stay an extra 24 hours in the hospital to be under the lights for his jaundice. I'm glad they caught it and were able to bring his levels down quickly, but it was a long 24 hours to not have much access to my baby boy. We were finally able to bring him home on Sunday where he was greeted by his all too eager brother and sister. They immediately started to fight over who got to hold him first. They love him sooooo much!
After a long outing to the park on Tuesday he had his first check-up. Because he had been bundled up in the front pack for so long, his temperature was high when they triaged him. Because they felt he was running a fever, they sent us to the ER for further investigation. Originally they told me that they would have to do a full work-up on him (meaning spinal tap, blood work, admittance to the PICU for 72 hours, etc.) to rule out any kind of serious infection. This did not sit well with me as I had already been through that with Addie when she was 6 weeks old. I was not about to watch my 5 day old be put through that for no reason. After retaking his temperature and running some blood work , the ER let us take our baby home once again, believing that the high temperature was just a fluke. Needless to say, we're happy to be back home with our healthy little guy. He is a very mellow baby, and takes all the lovin' from his big bro and sissy rather well! Michael and I think he looks like a mix of both Kailer and Adelynne, but is beginning to look more and more like Kai.

This is what we like to call the "Bachman brow". 
Auntie Carolyn and cousin Lily.

After his first bath.

The kids would not leave him alone, but I have very few places to put him where he is not accessible to them. I set him amongst all the laundry and he blended right in. They didn't even know he was there for the rest of the evening!


The Crow Family said...

You can't call my son "chubs" when yours shows a double chin at 1 week!

very adorable!

Heidi said...

Sportin the Brooklyn gear at a young age - I like. It's nice to see his face...I think I've only really seen the top of his head! :-)

Anonymous said...

He is completely adoraable. ! Looks like Kailer's eyes and nose; grampee's chin and lips---dimple in left cheek---gramapee and Uncle Chris! AmaZing, miraculous, baby boy! God is so good to you all! Much love, Grammy!

Next assessment in person on 11/22/08-- I will meet him on my 50th Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!