Saturday, September 13, 2008

Myrtle Beach

Can't get this picture to flip. . . .

She has a funny look, but I like this picture because she actually has her eyes open- not the usual squint.

She loved collecting seashells.

We bought Kai this swim vest at the beginning of our trip. By the end of the vacation, he could swim without it. It was hard to keep him out of the water!

Myrtle Beach is full of Miniature Golf Courses. Kai couldn't get enough of it. He would have played 10 rounds in one day if we had let him.

We visited Hopsewee Plantation, CIRCA 1740. It was originally the home of Thomas Lynch, Jr., a signer of the Declaration of Independence. It was a plantation house, overlooking the North Santee River and the rice fields beyond. We were able to tour the house, slave cabins, grounds, and be eaten alive by mosquitos at the same time. The kids' favorite part were the 2 cats that lived in the house. Try taking a tour of an 18th century house with all of its furnishings with your two rugrats chasing cats all over the place. It was quite nerve-racking.

On the way to one of the beaches, we pulled over to the side of the road. . .
On one side was salt water. . .
On the other side was fresh water.
Can you see what Kailer found on the fresh water side?
Here's a closer look.

Kailer had the best time collecting these baby clams. Each time the tide went out, he would try and grab them before they dug back down into the sand. After we took this picture, he ran back out and burried them all under the wet sand.

One night we went to a big shopping/dining area called Broadway on the Beach. Addie got to build her very own bunny. Here she is giving it a little fluff.

Kailer scaled this "coconut tree" three times with no shoes. What a monkey.
Attempting a back flip on the bungee jumper.

Heading out to the driving range with Daddy.

Catching grasshoppers at a reststop on our way home. We decided to do the entire 700 miles in one day. Surprisingly, without even a single nap, the kids did very well. I think I was the cranky one. 12 hours in the car at 7 1/2 months pregnant was not so fun.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful vacation! I wonder what the resort looked like! Your parents have taught you well how to have great vacations! And you should! Love, Mom & Dad

Tamara said...

Awesome vacation!!! We think everyone looks great! Thanks for sharing your pics...loved em'! Miss yall! Kailer is one adventurous kid!