Friday, May 09, 2008

Fun at the park with Grampy & Grammy

Kailer had a great time with NY friends, Zion and Night. They just moved back to LA and came out to visit while we were in Califronia. He misses his buddies!

I love my cheezer Mackenzy!

Grandma needed to water the lawn. . . Kailer needed to water his sister.

Mackenzy and Adelynne provided a little fireplace entertainment one Sunday afternoon. They thought they were pretty funny!

Dylan and Kai

Addie quickly learned how much fun it could be to jump off the coffee table when Grandma was there to catch her.

Kai and I went bowling with his cousins. Who takes 4 two-year-olds bowling? Only my crazy sister! We had tons of fun, and they all did a great job. Below is a picture of Hunter- I think he bowled better than all of us!

One of my best friends from back home-Paul. I was so happy that I was able to be in California for his special day!

Me & mom

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Tamara said...

Cathy, did you cut your hair??? It looks sooo cute! That looks like one fun vacation!