Saturday, March 24, 2007

Does this bath make my cheeks look big?

Addie had a 4 day stay in the Pediatric
ICU this week. We were concerned about her breathing. They ran a lot of tests and were able to rule out just about everything. She's at home now and doing well.

Please . . . no more pictures.

Well. . .if you must. . .

I'm ready for my close-up

Jamma Pictures!

Double the Lovin'

first time in her crib

6 weeks old


Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful and completely adorable. I love the pink fur outfit and her sleeper that matches her crib sheet. Kailer, is of course wonderful, as usual! Thank you so much for posting these for us. We miss all of you so much.

Love Mom/Grammy

tami said...

wok, the cutness factor is just way to high here. ^_^

glad to see that addie is doing well. looks like she was a real trooper through it all. but afterall, she's got a strong mama to inspire her! :)


tami said...

oops, that was supposed to "ok" not "wok!"